Workshop Overview


Performance Intensives with Amy Sigil / Jill Parker

Each Intensive is limited to 18 students, who will perform as a group in the FISSION showcase.
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Please read the detailed qualifications for each track ~ scroll to the list at the bottom of this page. For new participants, we strongly suggest starting in the Advanced/Pro track. If you have any questions about which track to enroll in, feel free to email Tori to discuss where you might best be placed. Once you have read the track qualifications, you can click thru to the details of each track's schedule. Class descriptions are rarely added until well after the tracks are all sold out, as our teachers bring all new materials each year to the event.

Terms of Service

Please be certain you wish to register for this intensive as no refunds are given. In the case where a registrant is unable to attend, they may sell their spot and notify the event organizer with the new registrant's email and name. If needed, you may contact the event organizer to obtain a contact from our waiting list. Registrations are non-transferrable within 30 days prior to the event. We reserve the right to refuse registration or participation. We reserve the right to substitute or change teachers if needed.

The Tribal Massive Certification Program:

All week-long participants in each track will receive a formal certification award for completion of the program! Each student MUST attend all of the classes to receive the certification of completion (it is ok to just take notes, but you must attend the class). You will be given your certificate signed by all the teachers you have studied with at the end of the workshop week! A wonderful additional value for mounting in your studios!


(STUDIO B ~ limited to 40 dancers / 56 hrs) ADVANCED/PROFESSIONAL TRACK

The Tribal Massive™ Advanced to Professional level training course expands the dancer’s concepts of theatricality, musicality, dance movement, costuming, choreography, performance quality, and developing a personal voice. Complex drills and technique-building will be used to create a deep and broad dance vocabulary, improve technique, expand proficiency, and stimulate creativity.

The Advanced/Professional Track is open to dancers with a thorough understanding of the foundations of bellydance, the ability to execute the foundations of bellydance and combine them, and a willingness to actively participate with the group. An understanding of spoken English is extremely helpful and is preferred, and you must be able to dance at least 8+ hours per day for 8 days.  
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(STUDIO C ~ limited to 18 dancers / 56 hrs) PROFESSIONAL TRACK

The Tribal Massive™ Professional level training course dives more deeply into the concepts of the Advanced/Pro Track, along with additional emphasis on performance quality and developing a professional image. Complex drills will be used to refine a deep and broad dance vocabulary and perfect technique.

The Professional Track is open to dancers with a developed dance background, experienced performers, paid professional dancers or teachers, and highly advanced students who desire to become professionals. You must have a willingness to explore artistic interpretations, grow as a dancer, and push your boundaries as an artist. The students are expected to be critiqued openly in class, to do ‘homework’ assignments in addition to attending 100% of all classes and giving 100% of themselves to the group experience. An understanding of spoken English is required, and you must be able to dance at least 8+ hours per day for 8 days.

NOTE: The students from this track will be hand selected by our dance professors. Please register for the Advanced/Pro track, and email us at with your desire to be selected for the Professional Track. If selected you will then be asked to pay the additional $400 Upgrade Fee on top of your Adv/Pro registration fee.  
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(STUDIO A ~ Each limited to 18 dancers / 18 hrs) PERFORMANCE INTENSIVES

• AMY SIGIL: From Studio to STAGE!
This intensive features 18 hours of experimentation, body preparation, spirit preparation, movement sourcing, choreography and a final stage product. Sigil and YOU are creating together to make something BIG! Group dynamics, movement sourcing and choreography creation. We will be defining movements, finding movements and choreographing this piece together, so this will be a one time, unique piece representing our time of creation. I have an idea in mind that I have been dying to create for the last few years. I can't say it outloud... yet. But let's do it! Come with no expectations and a spirit of YES. Costuming will be discussed closer to workshop dates.

• JILL PARKER: Jill Parker's Drills, Thrills and Performance
Learn a gorgeous Jill Parker original choreography! This workshop will cover hard hitting drills, theory/concept, philosophy, alignment, and technique. Over the course of many hours spent together in the classroom under the watchful eye of Miss Parker you will assimilate many of Jill's signature moves and combinations. Woven together these moves and combos seamlessly become an action packed and sensuous modern choreography you will perform together on the stage. You're in for the complete Jill Parker experience, come join the hard work & technique overhaul, stay for the camaraderie & fun!
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