Class Descriptions ~ Single Day & Week Two

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SINGLE DAY CLASSES - Sunday March 10th

9:00am-1:00pm ~ Zoe Jakes

Cymbals Syncopation Party: Let’s learn some of the more unusual patterns and get funky! The first half of class will cover cymbal technique, covering unusual rhythms and patterns, and the end of class will include some cymbal composition technique. Learning how to make your own musical combos is just as fun as choreography, and at the end of this workshop you will have your very own composition to take home.

9:00am-1:00pm ~ Sera Solstices

Powered Combo Kit: Dynamic Combos to take home, plug-in to daily practice and/or performance choreography. We will work with Sera's most recent source material: fusion of Belly and Hip hop with the delightful meeting of elegance and grime, set to a dope playlist, with multiple-choice booty-rhythms, and unabashed disregard for dance-dogma. Movements are designed to use as daily connection to dancers muscle AND dancers essence, providing space for creative adjustment seeking alignment with individual styling and ability. We will explore methods of: dynamic changes, weightless travel, footwork technique, alien arms, ecstatic sweeps, logical contrast, mindless flow, spiritual extensions, and freedom.

3:00pm-6:00pm ~ Jill Parker

Tribal as Folk: In this workshop Jill will be teaching her unique highly stylized versions of American Tribal Fusion West Coast "folk" belly dance vocabulary. This class will be a part hard hitting dance drills, part history lesson, and part contextualization of "folk influenced tribal steps" within a wider frame of the legacy of this dance. This class is designed to lend a deeper insight into the lineage of the dance and the legacy Jill Parker pioneered and helped create. Many dancers have never been exposed to the various links to folk dance, shared influences and lineage of Tribal Fusion. Many have perhaps never travelled to San Francisco to study from the source there and contextualize this form. Jill aims to bring this information to you in an easy to understand and highly useable format.

3:00pm-6:00pm ~ Kami Liddle

Contemporary Fusion Belly Dance Choreography: Kami will share a new choreography that takes the sharp and isolated movements of belly dance and fuses it with the fluidity and expressiveness of contemporary dance. Dancers will begin with a warm up initiating movement with their breath and strength training to create heat and blood flow. Dancers will be given concepts to find their own artistic individuality while performing the choreography. A little improvisation here, a little movement phrase there, and with time to explore expression, musical interpretation and texture. Dance shoes are recommended.

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Sunday March 10th

Roots of Raqs Sharqi ~ Technique, Drills & Combos: Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East) emerged in Egypt in the early 1900's from a myriad of influences and lineages. Today's modern bellydance and all its genres was born of this style. In this workshop Sadie will present the foundational steps, foot patterns, pelvic and torso movements as well as posture, framing and staging that became representative of the Raqs Sharqi style. Sadie has dedicated the last 7 years to developing a methodology to unlock the language of Raqs Sharqi which she offers in her Raqs Flow training program. Sadie will share many key concepts, techniques and philosophies from her personal approach as well as sharing those from her mentors and teachers from Egypt. This workshop is for all levels and all styles who wish to explore the deeper roots of our dance and who wish to delve deep into technique.

Monday March 11th

Inside Out ~ Technique, Combos and Choreography: Somewhere along our journey as dancers we wish to connect deeply to our humanity and use the tools of dance to share our experience with others. Affecting your audience with your performance and presence can be one of the most rewarding experiences of dancing. In Arabic there is a word to hint to this feeling, it is Tarab. While Tarab is associated with the ecstatic state that can be induced by music, especially live music, we can absolutely tap into the power of Tarab as dancers and even bring our audience member on the Tarab wave with us.

Ironically, many dancers are not natural born entertainers. If you have struggled with confidence, stage presence or effective emotional communication or if you would like to become more competent in these areas then this workshop is for you. We will explore many dance concepts and motifs to help us tap into our body communication. We will then put it all into action with some short phrases and a powerful choreography with a contemporary flare that explores floor work, turns, spins, extensions, travel, gesture and pantomime.

Tuesday March 12th

Getting Down To Business! How to survive and thrive in an ever evolving and changing industry ~ Lecture and Discussion: With 20+ years of experience, Sadie is one of the industries most successful, working professionals. In this exclusive workshop, designed just for the Tribal Massive, Sadie will share a concise methodology and strategy for success as well as her personal anecdotes and philosophy for staying relevant yet true to your unique branding!

Wednesday March 13th

Killer Drum Solo Technique, Drills & Choreography: In this workshop we will explore some of Sadie's insane isolations, shimmy techniques, layers and more. Then we will put it all into action with one of Sadie's latest Killer Drum Solo choreographies.

Thursday March 14th

North African Tunisian Fusion: North African regional dances are full of intricate, percussive hip and foot work. In this workshop Sadie fuses in a few elements of the modern, a touch of fantasy and lots of energy together with the expressive Tunisian dance moves. Optional items for the choreography if you have them: A veil and something to secure it to your head like a athletic headband, 2 hand scarves and some fabric or scarves to tie around your hip and waist. Please see attached photos for ideas.



A systematic study of Indian Fusion Belly Dance with strong focus on expression

Sunday March 10th: 3:00pm-6:00pm
Monday March 11th: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Tuesday March 12th: 12:30pm-4:30pm
Wednesday March 13th: 2:00pm-4:00pm
Thursday March 14th: 12:30pm-4:30pm
Friday March 15th: 9:00am-2:00pm
Saturday March 16th: 9:00am-2:00pm

In this intensive, students will receive training in a stylistic Indian Fusion Belly Dance vocabulary, as well as undiluted traditional techniques usually reserved for intermediate classical Indian dancers. This course will benefit students who want to grow beyond their current limits, particularly in the area of subtle ornate details, expression and connecting with the audience.

This holistic approach of Indian Fusion Belly Dance training includes:
Physical inquiry – Developing precision in techniques and composition
Intellectual inquiry – Presented through theory lectures, further reading and Q&A
Aesthetic inquiry – Concepts presented in theory lectures and embodiment in choreography
Creative inquiry – Explored through acting exercises and response to theme

Students will walk away with professional training experience in fundamental aspects of Indian classical dance and Indian Fusion Belly Dance as well as receiving rich and insightful theoretical knowledge for further growth.


Technique: Details and stylization of Indian Fusion Belly Dance

Colleena Shakti’s unique vision of Indian fusion belly dance is a stylized dance vocabulary drawing mainly from tribal belly dance, combined with the graceful sensibility of classical Indian dance. Technique training will include aspects of: Odissi and Kathak classical Indian dance, ballet, Persian, martial arts, yoga and of course belly dance.

Daily dance schedule includes: Warm up, centerline exercises and awakening subtle body awareness through a short traditional yoga practice. The class will progress with Ānga Shuddhi of Indian classical dance. Ānga Shuddhi are isolated movement exercises which “purify” the details such as: mudra, eye movements, walks, turns and even facial muscle exercises for clarity in expression! This course also includes a strong focus on training in various spins, traveling steps and belly dance isolation / gestures drills. Demonstrating the cohesive union of Indian dance and fusion belly dance techniques, compositions and a short choreography will be studied at depth.

Special Theme: Expression, Embodiment and Abhinaya (storytelling through gesture)
What is the magical essence in a dancer that brings the audience to the edge of their seat and tears to their eyes? How is technique drilling different from stage performance? How do we relate and connect to our audience in the context of Belly Dance? These are the questions we ask as aspiring dancers who want to reach mastery in our art form.

Classical Indian dance divides dance into two distinct categories: nritta (purely abstract movement technique) and abhinaya (storytelling through gesture). In the traditional training systems, we learn theoretical and practical tools to draw the audience deeper into our dance. This workshop aims to bridge the system of Indian dance with modern expression in tribal belly dance, so that the student discovers this wisdom is accessible and applicable to their current dance goals.

The theme of this course: “EMBODY. EXPRESS. EMOTE.” will develop through daily lectures (1 hr.), traditional Indian abhinaya choreography and explorative exercises.

Lecture and exercise topics include: Ancient Indian acting theory – The process of how to emote as described in classical texts of India, Rudolph Laban’s movement theories & abhinaya – the language of gesture, translating poetry and rāga through movement and structured Q&A on related topics.

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