Class Descriptions ~ Professional Track

 ADVANCED/PRO Class Descriptions

Saturday March 7

9:00am-1:00pm ~ Zoe Jakes

The Art of Improvisation (with a dash of practicality): Tips and tools for every dancer wanting to improve their improvisational game. This workshop will present clear ways to develop your improvisational skills through musicality, phrasing, and take home practices. The dancer will learn how to utilize phrases of different lengths to bring variety to their solo, how to create a beginning, middle and end to an improvisation, and how to bring these techniques into your practice routine to help make improvisation second nature!

3:00pm-6:00pm ~ April Rose

Bellydance Cohesion - Percussion & Technique (cymbals & frame drum): Learn to play Middle Eastern rhythms and ornamented percussion techniques on finger cymbals and frame drum. Play these techniques to accompany other dancers, while you dance, while you sing, as a meditation practice, or simply to understand rhythm better.
*Please bring finger cymbals and a frame drum to each class, the affordable Remo 12” or 14” drum is recommended for casual players.

Sunday March 8

9:00am-1:00pm ~ Zoe Jakes

Advanced Layers: In this workshop we will use feet, hands, hips, torso, head, arms and fingers (sometimes at the same time) to create advanced layering drills. This is Zoe’s favorite topic, and she has many years of experience creating unusual and wacky layers. Utilizing techniques she has honed for 2 decades, Zoe will lead the class in exercises to help make those seemingly impossible layers possible!

2:00pm-6:00pm ~ April Rose

Bellydance Cohesion - Technique & Combinations: Practice bellydance technique drills for all levels that train your attention, posture, footwork, arm carriage, body-column movement, and timing. This Cohesion practice method for technique development is suited for brand new beginner to advanced professional dancers. Learn timeless bellydance combinations to play with in choreography and improvisation.

Monday March 9

9:00am-1:00pm ~ Zoe Jakes

Tell Me A Story - Expressions In Dance: In this workshop we work towards integrating dance performance and theater effectively. We will analyze what creates mood and feel in a dance, and how to elicit visceral experience in the audience. How does one speak to the universal truths while telling their own story? This workshop will seek to answer this burning question, and bring us closer to creating meaningful performance art.

2:00pm-4:15pm ~ April Rose

Bellydance Cohesion - Create! Improvise and choreograph Bellydance Cohesion techniques, combinations, and percussion along with your style and the flavor of the moment. Practice playing percussion as an accompanist and as a dancer. Arrive with an attitude of playfulness and team spirit.
*Please bring finger cymbals and a frame drum to each class, the affordable Remo 12” or 14” drum is recommended for casual players.

Tuesday March 10

9:00am-1:00pm ~ Zoe Jakes

Branding 101 - Who Am I: A mistake many artists and performers make is not seeing themselves as a brand. Over time you will have to grow, change, or even rebrand in order to keep in touch with what is happening in the dance scene and your market. Your brand is an extension of who you are and what you have to offer. It’s what people see online, backstage, and what they say about you. A brand is a reflection of: Lifestyle, reality, dance training, performance, teaching, merchandise, online presence, backstage attitude, aesthetic, and style. Does your online and dance presence reflect who you are? This workshop will help dancer to narrow in on these questions and build a dancers authentic brand.

2:00pm-4:30pm ~ Amy Sigil

Staples: Staples includes movement sequences specific to the Sigil style. Massive amounts of vocabulary to add to your library of combinations, drills, isolations and overlays! This session is all the movements I love in an A to Z drill class with a sick playlist to accompany us!

Wednesday March 11

9:00am - 1:00pm ~ Kami Liddle

Modern Movement Yoga Flow (Warm Up): Each class will begin with a dynamic blend of modern dance, vinyasa-style yoga and core strengthening exercises enabling a strong and efficient body while cultivating grace through motion. This warm-up is designed to be done off the yoga mat, however students may find themselves more comfortable with knee pads and layered clothing.

Gaga about Layers: This class is all about layers upon layers upon layers. We’ll challenge our minds, we’ll challenge our bodies. We’ll all laugh at ourselves while having moments of epiphanies and successes. It’s gonna be fun. We will explore foot patterns, turns, isolations, shimmies, etc. Requests will be accepted.

1:00pm-4:25pm ~ Amy Sigil

Improvisation: Group improv is an effective tool for positive team building and group consciousness. We will be dissecting the improvisational staging format of ITS, also known as the Magic V. We will also be creating movements of our own while discussing what works, and most importantly, why it works with group improv.

Thursday March 12

9:00am - 1:00pm ~ Kami Liddle

Modern Movement Yoga Flow (Warm Up): See Wed for full description.

Dynamic Floor Work for the Advanced Dancer: Focusing on the physicality of our bodies to connect with gravity will allow us to move proficiently on a low level. Kami will cover movement mechanics and proper alignment in order to move on and off of the floor with efficiency. We will focus on traveling across the space utilizing balances, rolls, slides and inversions. Class will conclude in movement phrases that emphasize moving quickly into and out of the floor.
*Knee pads are recommended as well as dance shoes or socks.

2:00pm-4:00pm ~ Amy Sigil

Generate: Generate is how to make dances quickly and efficiently using group movement sourcing, tricks for editing and skills for setting yourself aside to better group work.

Friday March 13

9:00am - 1:00pm ~ Kami Liddle

Modern Movement Yoga Flow (Warm Up): See Wed for full description.

Hybrid Choreography - Part 1: Kami will share a new choreography that seamlessly fuses belly dance movements within a contemporary dance framework. This choreography includes a variety of turns, foot patterns and isolation layers to create a dynamic fusion of dance styles, yet leaves room for personal interpretation and stylization.

2:00pm-4:00pm ~ Amy Sigil

Inspiration: Inspiration is full of inspiration! Spirit changing exercises, games with gusto and everything that brings us to generate physical dreams! This session includes many prompts to promote productiveness through creativity.

Saturday March 14

9:00am - 1:00pm ~ Kami Liddle

Modern Movement Yoga Flow (Warm Up): See Wed for full description.

Hybrid Choreography - Part 2: Class will continue, see Part 1 for full description.

2:00pm-6:00pm ~ Amy Sigil

Love: It's all about LOVE! Using the Sigil Effort scale, this work is designed to take the mover through fear and into love. We will accumulate this material into a demonstration of movement with direction and intent. Come heart open and ready to fall in love!

Sunday March 15 - Tuesday March 17:
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