The Mini Massive (Intensives)

Incredible new programing with Jill Parker and Sadie Marquardt! Choose your own adventure and customize it for your personal participation level by joining one or both programs.

• JILL PARKER: Studio to Stage Performance Intensive

(Mornings / 19 hrs) Experience all that’s involved in preparing a polished dance performance for the stage. Choreographic phrases unfold into a larger dance piece as artistic staging specific to our group emerges.

The studio to stage experience with Jill Parker is a once in a lifetime experience that’s not one to be missed. Join the family!

• SADIE MARQUARDT: Getting down to the Roots of Raqs Sharqi - with performance opportunity

(Afternoons / 23.5 hrs) Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the East) emerged in Egypt in the early 1900's from a myriad of influences and lineages. Today's modern bellydance, and all its genres, was born of this style and what a style it was. Think backbends, shimmies, pops, locks and layers are a modern effect? Think again!

Sadie has created a professional, intensive course exclusively for The Tribal Massive that will take you on a journey of the foundational steps, foot patterns, pelvic and torso movements as well as posture, framing and staging that became representative of the Raqs Sharqi style. As elegant as these dancers presented themselves, traditional Raqs Sharqi is one of the most complex styles of dance!

Sadie has dedicated the last 7 years to developing a methodology to unlock the language of Raqs Sharqi which she offers in her Raqs Flow training program. Sadie will share many key concepts, techniques and philosophies from her personal approach as well as sharing those from her mentors and teachers from Egypt. This workshop is for all levels and all styles who wish to explore the deeper roots of our dance and who wish to delve deep into technique.

The cherry on top of this lovely training course will be a performance opportunity at the Massive Spectacular show with Sadie. Performing is not mandatory, but mastery of the choreography is needed to be selected to perform. You will learn and be eligible to perform a Golden Era choreography with Sadie.

The Golden Era of Bellydance began in Cairo in the 1940’s where names like Tahiya Karioka, Samya Gamal, Naima Akef hit the stage and the movie scene. They were stars and legends, their dances they did were all the craze of their time and even still today!! Their moves were elegant, graceful and poised. This style, for the most part, has had the most influence on what we refer to as bellydance today and is emulated in almost every style of bellydance seen today. Whether you wish to perform or not, this course will take you deep into the cultural heritage of Raqs Sharqi and bring new depths of awareness to the dance you know and love!

* The classes culminate in a stage performance opportunity at FISSION! Additional class materials covered will focus on the following:

SAIDI (Thursday):
Join Sadie on an adventurous exploration of one of Egypt's most famous folkloric dances, the Saidi. Coming from Egypts upper Nile area, the Saidi is a festive dance, and it is hard to resit grooving to this expressive rhythm. We will learn a little culture history and explore through combinations the different styles of Saidi, ending in a modern combo that will show how you can creatively and respectfully add some Saidi moves and steps into your modern choreography.

Raqs Kawliya is one of Iraq's oldest known dances with folk origins that go back nearly 7,000 years to Mesopotamian times, and is closely related to Goddess Innana. Sadie would like to share that few dances have brought her as much joy and pleasure as performing Raqs Kawliya with other women. You too may feel the direct calling and blessing of Innana with you when performing this dance! In this workshop Sadie will break down the core moves and steps (the steps are integral because it goes with the mythology of stomping on the ground to be heard by Innana in the Underworld). After learning some of the history and the steps, we will create a short dance. Sadie would like to thank her teacher and mentor Assala Ibrahim from Iraq, for the permission and blessing to pass this knowledge on as Sadie learned it directly from her.

DRUM SOLO (Saturday):
Known worldwide for her jaw dropping drum solo technique and choreographies, Sadie will take you through a series of exercises and drills that will break down her signature technique and drum solo secrets to help you develop stunning isolations. Then we will put it all together in one of her literal mind blowing choreographies! Don't sweat, because Sadie is also known for her teaching method that lets all of her student feel they can slay a drum solo!

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