Performance Intensives

AMY SIGIL and JILL PARKER will each be leading an 18-hour Performance Intensive this year. Each Intensive is limited to 18 students, who will perform as a group in the FISSION showcase.

• AMY SIGIL: From Studio to STAGE!

This intensive features 18 hours of experimentation, body preparation, spirit preparation, movement sourcing, choreography and a final stage product. Sigil and YOU are creating together to make something BIG! Group dynamics, movement sourcing and choreography creation. We will be defining movements, finding movements and choreographing this piece together, so this will be a one time, unique piece representing our time of creation. I have an idea in mind that I have been dying to create for the last few years. I can't say it outloud... yet. But let's do it! Come with no expectations and a spirit of YES. Costuming will be discussed closer to workshop dates.

• JILL PARKER: Jill Parker's Drills, Thrills and Performance

Learn a gorgeous Jill Parker original choreography! This workshop will cover hard hitting drills, theory/concept, philosophy, alignment, and technique. Over the course of many hours spent together in the classroom under the watchful eye of Miss Parker you will assimilate many of Jill's signature moves and combinations. Woven together these moves and combos seamlessly become an action packed and sensuous modern choreography you will perform together on the stage. You're in for the complete Jill Parker experience, come join the hard work & technique overhaul, stay for the camaraderie & fun!

(STUDIO A ~ Each limited to 18 dancers / 18 hrs)