The Tribal Massive™ is an internationally acclaimed immersive Bellydance College where dancers from around the globe and from every continent come together to learn from the most iconic dance instructors of our day. We focus on cultivating a safe, fun, and exciting learning environment where each individual dancer can be honed into her/his own personal best, through the focused attention from instructors and the unique class topics not found at other retreats. Boutique-sized classes and carefully leveled classes, are held in our studio's spacious dance rooms, creating an environment perfect for experiential learning and professional development, a place where dancers can hone their performance caliber and teaching skills.




The Tribal Massive™ is an exclusive event purposely kept intimate in size, so it is THE place to network with your peers and idols from every corner of the globe. We are the benchmark for bellydance education, and continue to surpass ourselves in our ongoing quest for excellence. Our highest compliment comes from our customers, in that over 80% come back year after year. The Tribal Massive™ is known the world over for excellence and the 5-Star attention that the students receive. Your hosts bring a high level of organization which keeps things running smoothly, while providing a warm loving environment. The Tribal Massive™ is a family that you will never want to part from and has been hailed as the best value for your money.

The Tribal MASSIVE™

Dancers from around the globe representing countries near and far, perform for an audience of all ages; delighting the crowd with Fusion Bellydance peppered with flavors from their home countries local influences. Opulent costumes, talented dancers, and historic venues work in tandem to create an unforgettable night on the town in Fabulous Las Vegas!

The Massive spectacular™

The Massive Spectacular!™ is an "Epic Stage Production"™, where Bellydance Superstars Kami Liddle, Sharon Kihara, and Zoe Jakes (also of Beats Antique fame), are joined by internationally renowned belly dancers such as Jill Parker, Mira Betz, Ariellah, Amy Sigil of UNMATA, Sera Solstice, and more iconic dancers from around the globe, for an unparalleled one-night-only extravaganza of Le Danse Oriental.


(STUDIO A ~ limited to 20 dancers / 37.5 hrs)


The Tribal Massive™ Intermediate to Advanced level training course introduces the dancer to key concepts of theatricality, musicality, dance history, dance movement, costuming, performance quality, and creating personal voice. Read More

(STUDIO B ~ limited to 40 dancers / 48 hrs)


The Tribal Massive™ Advanced to Professional level training course expands the dancer’s concepts of theatricality, musicality, dance movement, costuming, choreography, performance quality, and developing a personal voice. Read More

(STUDIO C ~ limited to 18 dancers / 49 hrs)


The Tribal Massive™ Professional level training course dives deeply into the concepts and theories of theatricality, musicality, dance movement, improvisation, costuming, choreography, perfecting performance quality, and developing your professional image. Read More

(STUDIO B ~ limited to 20 dancers / 35 class hrs)


Spend 35 hours soaking up a lot of goodness with April Rose, Lady Fred, and Heather Stants. More details to follow, but don't delay in signing up now! We know this one is going to sell out! Read More


Comments from Participants

I have never felt so welcomed, so open and so fed. The ladies I had the honor of sharing the pro-track with were nothing short of amazing. Big thanks to our teachers and mentors for providing a safe place to learn and grow as dancers and as human beings. The inspiration they provided both on and off the stage is something I’ll carry with me forever. And finally, THANK YOU to Tori Halfon and Yaniv Halfon because without you, there would be no Massive. You truly are providing means to help push this art form forward and bring dancers together in ways that would never be possible elsewhere. I love you all and am eagerly awaiting the sign up for next year’s MASSIVE!
-- Michelle Sorensen - Utah

Tribal Massive 2015..... you transformed me. Thank you so much to all the teachers - Thank you too all my wonderful classmates; I'm so happy to count you among my friends now. And thank you so much to Tori Halfon and Yaniv Halfon for working so hard and with so much love to make this event what it is.
-- Catherine Taylor - London