the tribal massive

Week 1:  February 21st - 28th, 2015

Week 2:  March 2nd - 6th, 2015


The Tribal MASSIVE Showcase
MONDAY  FEB 23rd, 2015

* Showcase now starts at 6:30 PM

The MASSIVE Spectacular!
THURSDAY  FEB 26th, 2015
Show starts promptly at 7:00 pm

INFO & TICKETS (both shows)

The Tribal Massive™ is an internationally acclaimed immersive Bellydance College where dancers from around the globe and from every continent come together to learn from the most iconic dance instructors of our day. We focus on cultivating a safe, fun, interesting, and exciting learning environment where each individual dancer can be honed into her/his own personal best, through the focused attention from instructors and the unique class topics not found at other retreats.

Boutique-sized classes are held in our studio's spacious dance rooms, creating an environment perfect for experiential learning and professional development, a place where dancers can hone their performance caliber and teaching skills. 

Suited towards Intermediate, Advanced, and Professional dancers and teachers, The Tribal Massive™ is an exclusive event purposely kept intimate in size, so it is the place to network with your peers and idols from every corner of the globe. We are the benchmark for bellydance education, and continue to surpass ourselves in our ongoing quest for excellence.

Our highest compliment comes from our customers, in that over 80% come back year after year. The Tribal Massive™ is known the world over for excellence and the 5-Star attention that the students receive.  Your hosts bring a high level of organization which keeps things running smoothly, while providing a warm loving environment. The Tribal Massive
 is a family that you will never want to part from and has been hailed as the best value for your money.


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